Photo Print Information

Photos ordered from this site I consider my art prints and are custom printed by me using a Canon Pixma Pro-100 using genuine Canon inks on either Red River Paper or Canon paper and then coated with Moab Paper Desert Varnish to ensure longevity and print quality. Prints are also available on my photography dedicated site KentMoorePhotography.com. Photos ordered there are printed by a third party service. They do excellent work but it’s not as hands on and the prints are shipped directly from the service to you so they won’t be signed by me if that’s important to you. The price will be lower and they offer more options including framing than I can offer on custom prints. These are a great option for interior decorators or others looking for multiple prints at the same time or those looking for ready to hang options.

Laser Engraving Information

I use a variety of techniques to engrave images onto ceramic tiles. The image decides which technique I use. Images with black backgrounds or using a color other than white are spray painted with a base color and then a coat of black paint is sprayed over that. The laser removes the black layer revealing the design in the color underneath. These tiles are more susceptible to scratching or other damage so they are coated with a tough epoxy resin. Basic white tiles are etched directly into the tile and are naturally more damage resistant. I still coat those with a clear spray enamel.

Custom or personalized engravings are available. Email me at moc.g1627405937nigam1627405937i054@1627405937tnek1627405937 for information or a quote.