ecoflow power station

Just ordered my first piece of the nomad life puzzle: a refurbished Ecoflow River Pro 720wh power station. I had originally planned on getting the smaller 600wh model Max model but then I saw this one for less than a new Max so I decided to jump on it. Next to the van itself, which I’m still shopping for, this will be the most expensive item I need. Being the bargain shopper I am I went with a refurbished unit and saved around 200 dollars from the usual price. I’ve had good luck with refurbished products before. My main camera and half of my lenses are all refurbs my TV was an open box and a bunch of other things I use all the time are either second hand or thrift store finds. Once it shows up I’ll do an unboxing and first impressions video for it. So many of the YouTubers are affiliate marketers so they plug the expensive Jackery, Goal Zero or Bluetti models fresh from the factory. Not that I blame them. Once I get approved for a few affiliate programs I won’t have any problem promoting products I use. That’s the key though anything I promote will be something I did or would buy again with my own money.