May 14. The adventure begins.

Day one route

This is my first official entry for my 2022 road trip diary. As the diary goes forward it will change some as I figured out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to format it.

I had planned on leaving before noon and taking my time driving to my first planned campsite in the Hoosier National Forest but being a pro level procrastinator it was around 3pm before I hit the road. There were a few places I wanted to stop at along the way but getting such a late start made that difficult. I was hoping to get to a campsite before dark but that didn’t happen. Went through 1 good thunderstorm near the Ohio border but overall weather was ok. Found a decent campsite in the dark and got setup and then just went to sleep. Well eventually. The spring peepers, bullfrogs and other critters made a racket until about 3 or 4 am.

Survived the first day jitters and self doubt of wondering what the hell am I doing.