May 17 Kansas to Nebraska

Kansas to North Platte, Nebraska

Location: Morning: 39.849116, -95.376833
Evening: 41.141253, -101.059576

Short update today since it was mostly just driving. I had originally planned to stop way more often than I’ve been doing. It’s a personality defect that when I’m driving I don’t want to stop. If it wasn’t for needing gas and having to stretch my legs every now and then I would probably never stop. I have to really force myself to when I see something worth taking a photo of and often still drive right past things and think damn I should have stopped. Today’s drive was from Kansas to near North Platte, Nebraska and it was beautiful. Honestly I think Kansas is a lot prettier of a state than most people give it credit for. Maybe I’m biased since I’ve never had to do the I-70 drive, only the backroads and smaller highways. Filled up with the cheapest gas prices of the trip so far. Made it to a campsite outside of North Platte with one small misdirection from the GPS, it tried to make me cross some railroad tracks and the interstate where there was no crossing.

Timelapse driving through Nebraska

This was a small dispersed campground no latrines or firepits but campsites were far enough apart to feel isolated from other campers. Location wise maybe not the best to feel like you’re getting back to nature, literally right next to Interstate 80. You could throw a rock from the opposite side of the lake and hit a car on I-80. The traffic sounds just merged into an almost ocean sound after awhile and didn’t really pay attention to it and it died down to almost silence after about 11pm. Managed to snag a few good bird photos while killing time. As I was starting to put everything in camping mode I noticed a tire looking a bit flat. Put air in it and will check it again in the morning to see how bad the leak is. Fixed something to eat and watched a nice sunset and turned in for the evening.