May 18 Flat tire repair and new cell phone

Route into town

Location: 41.141253, -101.059576 Hershey Wildlife Management Area Campground

After waking up and fixing some breakfast I checked my tire pressure. The leak was bad but slow enough I could at least drive into town to get it fixed. I have everything needed to fix it myself but I’d rather save that for a flat when I’m a long way away from any services. I had already planned to hit Walmart so I figured I’d just stop at the first tire shop I saw. The first one was too busy to look at it. Drove a bit and saw another.

From the tire shop waiting room

They got right on it and had me out in 20 minutes or so. Next order of business was finding a super cheap phone and service as backup to my regular phone. I’ve been having connection issues with it and can be in view of 3 towers and still have no connection. Decided on a 30 dollar Moto G and 30 dollar card from US Cellular. Paid for it and went to sit in the Walmart entrance and use their WiFi to get activated. Spent about 2 hours there of course the phone had to run about 20 updates restart after each one before I could even attempt to activate it. Once it got past that process it kept hanging at the same point in the activation over and over. Got frustrated so went to grab something to eat and spend another night back at the same campsite. Tried to call US Cellular’s customer service number but would get a message saying since I’m roaming I need to buy a 15 dollar instant connection fee from some other company. Screw that I’m holding a 30 dollar top up card I can’t use already. So now I have a phone that I can’t use at all and another that only works when it wants. Somehow I see other people posting videos and doing live streams from the most remote places on the planet and I can’t even make a phone call from cities with half a million people. Anyway, gave up that project and will sort it another day. Spent the afternoon taking bird photos and doing some reorganizing on the truck. At least the day wasn’t a total waste.