May 20 Windy day in Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park

Location: Morning: 43.890031, -102.226789 Buffalo Gap Grasslands dispersed camping area. Evening: 43.894085, -102.414063 Sage Creek Campground

Woke up still feeling pretty crappy but packed up and went on into the park. Drove to the visitor’s center and along the way attempted to stop at some overlooks and take some photos. Unfortunately the wind was still ripping. Combination of being sick along with the cold and wind it took a lot of effort to get out of the truck to take the occasional photo. More than once I stepped out and then said the hell with it and jumped back in without even taking a single photo. At one point while sitting in the truck the wind was rocking it so much it nearly made me seasick. Just an overall miserable day in a beautiful location.

Did manage to find a couple secluded spots sheltered some from the wind and just kind of killed time. Decided to go back to the free campground inside the park to claim a spot early and take a nap. Just hung out there the rest of the day watching the bison, prairie dogs, birds and coyotes. Got to see a coyote catch and eat a prairie dog but unfortunately didn’t get photos of it. I was just scanning the field with the binoculars and witnessed that. Later a small storm went over and had rain and sleet mixed. Once that passed a great sunset with a rainbow put on a show, almost made up for the rain, wind and illness of the day.