May 21 Still sick in Badlands

Badlands National Park

Location: Morning: 43.894085, -102.414063 Sage Creek Campground. Evening: 43.890031, -102.226789 Buffalo Gap Grasslands dispersed camping area.

Woke up still feeling worn down but at least the wind had finally reduced a bit no longer a full gale now just a breeze with the occasional gust. Spent the day enjoying the park without the constant wind. In the afternoon I went back to the grassland boondocking site and set up camp. Since it was the weekend it was busier and I didn’t get a prime spot and I couldn’t get level on it. While hanging out waiting for sunset a couple walking their dogs stopped by to chat. They were telling me about the 3rd Gen 4Runner similar to mine that they used for a couple of years as a camper before upgrading to their current setup, a Tacoma with a camper shell on it. They were on the way to Alaska. After another great sunset, I turned in for the evening. Ended up sleeping at the wrong angle from two different directions. Usually, if it slopes toward the front I have a bad night’s sleep. Sloping towards the rear is no problem. Leaning left or right is usually ok as long as the lean isn’t too extreme. Might invest in some leveling blocks sometime in the future. Also, the cold wind was seeping into a door I didn’t have closed all the way but I wasn’t getting out from under the covers to shut it tight. I was like screw it I’ll just bury myself deeper under the blankets.