May 22 Grabbing a hotel room to recover

Badlands to Wind Cave National Park

Location: Morning: 43.890031, -102.226789 Buffalo Gap Grasslands Evening: 44.062378, -103.233233 Rapid City

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Still sick and not getting much better I decided I needed a real bed and a hot shower to heal myself. I drove to Rapid City and hit a Walmart there to use their internet for a few minutes and pick up a few things. I still had a free room credit from that expires in June so I figured this was as good a time as any to use it. It was still early so I drove on out to Wind Cave National Park to look around. On the drive there I went through the town of Hot Springs and thought it was a neat looking place and made plans to photograph it more tomorrow. At Wind Cave I didn’t want to spend the extra money on a cave tour so I just drove around checking out the scenery and wildlife. Drove back to Rapid City and got checked in to the room. The hotel was a bit sketchy but for the price it was ok. It did have the world’s thinnest blanket though. I was looking forward to snuggling up under a thick blanket and snoozing away. At least the heat worked. Slept for about 9 hours and while it was much needed it wasn’t really a restful sleep. I was worried about someone breaking into the truck and wiping me out. Everything was fine but that nagging feeling was hard to shake. The shower was hot though and that definitely helped. Tried to get up enough energy to go get a decent dinner but that didn’t happen. Ended up just having some cheese and crackers out of my fridge.