May 28 Laundry, groceries and tacos

Summit Campground to Watford City

Location: 47.539961, -103.241504

Woke up and drove to Watford City to do some laundry, get a car wash and buy some groceries. Drove around town and didn’t see a do it yourself carwash anywhere just two drive through types. Found the laundromat and got my clothes started. Asked the lady working there where a carwash was and she said the town didn’t have one. Even she found it odd. All these oil field workers and other construction workers with their big trucks you’d think a carwash would be a gold mine there. Picked up some groceries and headed back to the park for awhile. The sky was kind of flat and gray so I ended up only taking a dozen or so photos. Went back to the same campground for the evening. Made some tacos for dinner and about the time I finished it started to rain a bit. Got everything into sleep mode between rain showers. Eventually the rain turned steady and stayed that way until about 8:30 the next morning.