May 29 Rain early and then dramatic skies

Location: 47.539961, -103.241504 Summit Campground

Woke up to it still raining. Went back to sleep for awhile and when I woke up again it had pretty much quit. After a muddy walk to the latrine and back (that kind of thing usually gets left out of the glamorous YouTube and Instagram accounts about van life) I got ready to head back into the park.

Muddy road at Summit Campground

I could tell with the clouds breaking up it was going to make for some interesting skies. In my rush to get moving I overfilled my power steering fluid and had to dig out my hose and syringe to pull some back out. The whole time the sky was getting amazing and I was missing it. Finally got sorted and headed into the park. Missed the most dramatic skies but it was still pretty good and made for some good photos. Once I felt like I got all the shots I wanted for the day went back to the campground and tried to dry out anything that had gotten wet during the rain.