May 31 Off day hanging out with the wind, antelopes and birds

Nelson Creek Campground Fort Peck Lake, Montana

Location: N 47.56991, W 106.22019 Nelson Creek Campground

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Woke up again to unrelenting wind. Really wish I had bought an anemometer. Had one on my wishlist but never added it to my cart. (I’ve since bought one and will have it for the next trip.) Since the wind wouldn’t let up I relocated camp to a spot opposite the ridge to try to stay sheltered a bit. Went to add my daily power steering fluid top up and noticed the rough road yesterday shook my battery loose, pulled a ground wire loose and the battery had fallen almost into the drive belts. Not sure exactly what that wire was for since I didn’t have any electrical issues with it off. Reattached it anyway though. Did some more reorganizing which looks like will be a never ending process. After working on that I moved camp again back to where I was. This spot wasn’t very level and made the rear sit too low. I walked into my tailgate at least three times and damn near knocked myself out once. Also couple other RVs pulled through. They went to another section but figured I better reclaim the good spot from last night before someone else pulls in. Got reestablished there. While hooking the solar panels up to the Ecoflow I noticed that a couple screws had popped out of the hinge on my bed platform. Got that repaired. I’ve been lazy on putting the support underneath so I need to pay attention to that more. Sprayed sunscreen on my legs and now the wind has blasted dust and dirt into it and I look like I have some weird skin disease. Good thing there’s no one out here to look pretty for. Going to attempt to cook some dinner now. Got the rear of the truck turned away from the wind so hopefully it won’t be too much of a struggle with the stove. I think a future project will be to rig up some type of windscreen.

Of course 15 minutes after fixing dinner the wind died down. Not complaining though. At least I won’t feel like I’m sleeping in a boat tonight, rocking back and forth. Another great sunset.