June 2 Searching for free WiFi in Montana

Route from Fort Peck campsite to Upper Missouri Breaks campsite
Fort Peck Lake to Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Location: Morning: N 47.56991, W 106.22019 Fort Peck Lake Evening: 47.913942, -110.492303 Wood Bottom Campground

I woke up and left the great campsite at Fort Peck Lake to head to the big city of Great Falls for some WiFi. Luckily the grader from a couple of days ago smoothed out the road a lot. It was nice leaving and not being bounced apart. I got caught in construction zone after construction zone and it ended up putting me way behind schedule. Eventually got to a town big enough for a McDonald’s and figured I’d grab something there and use their WiFi. Of course, it was a crappy connection. Wouldn’t even load a photo on Facebook. While waiting for the pilot vehicle after my stop in Great Falls a girl in the car in front of me yelled back to me after we were sitting there a bit, “Do you think we can go? I have somewhere to be by 7. I’m going.” And off she went. I sat there a while longer and started to think maybe she had the right idea. A few more minutes and I said screw it, I’m going too. As soon as I started to put the truck in gear I saw the pilot vehicle coming around the bend. Started following it and maybe half a mile along that girl was being held up on the side of the road by the construction crew. They let her in after me and a couple of other trucks went by. Once we were through the construction zone and back up to full speed she zoomed by me and the other trucks. A while later when I got to the first town in ages with a gas station I pulled in and there at the pump in front of me there she was again. Cracked me up thinking she was driving 80-85mph or more and still didn’t end up getting anywhere sooner. That’s why I cruise along at the speed limit. Just not worth a ticket or the decrease in gas mileage to me to get somewhere 5 minutes sooner.

After getting to the Missouri Breaks National Monument area I drove through the side roads and dirt trails but didn’t see a good camp spot that wasn’t already occupied. I drove back to the boat launch area and just set up there for the evening. Nothing special but at least it was level. A couple of other campers were set up and when they got back I thought there goes the quiet. They started a bonfire and had a dog with them but they weren’t too bad overall and didn’t go too late in the evening. I didn’t take many photos along the drive and by the time I got set up, it was getting too late to get any good ones.