June 3 Coffee shops and bird watching

Location: Morning: N 47.91169, W 110.49364 Wood Bottom Campground Evening: 48.404961, -111.241134 Lake Elwell dispersed camping area

Woke up around 9 and packed up to hit the road. Drove to Great Falls and hit up a Walmart of course. Hate making them even richer but when you’re traveling they make shopping a lot easier. Most stores are laid out the same or at least enough that you can go straight to what you need and they pretty much have everything so it’s one-stop and done. After that drove a couple of blocks to a City Brew Coffee to get on the internet and take care of some things. I’m not a coffee connoisseur or snob by any stretch but I thought their coffee was really good and the shop had a cool atmosphere. I downloaded a couple of dozen YouTube videos some for watching later and others to try to keep up with my favorite channels. I think I’m going to make a separate post about all the YouTube channels I watch. Paid a few bills, found a few campsites for future reference using freecampsites.net, and then hit the road. I didn’t plan the route out too well and ended up backtracking 45 miles. Other than the unnecessary driving it was an uneventful drive to the next campground. A lake kind of in the middle of nowhere called Lake Elwell. Some other campers were set up but there was plenty of space to isolate. A little chilly this afternoon with the cloud cover and a bit of a breeze but sitting here bird watching, not bad at all. Speaking of birds I need to get an identifier book. I have a good app for it but of course, it only works if you have a data connection. So many apps could be designed to work offline but no they want that precious data tracking.