June 4 Vintage signs and Glacier National Park

Location: Morning: 48.404961, -111.241134 Lake Elwell dispersed camping area Evening: N 48.21965, W 113.80528 Lakeview Campground Hungry Horse Reservoir

Broke camp and hit the road to Glacier NP. Drove through a cool little town with a bunch of great old-style signs for the bars and other businesses along their main street. Had to stop and grab some photos. Talked to a few local ladies that saw me snapping photos and they gave a little bit of history of the town. Leaving town I got the first glimpse of the snow-capped mountains was just a few miles down the road. Started getting all tingly psyched to take mountain photos again. Went through the town of Browning and on to the Two Medicines entrance and did a short hike to a waterfall and around the lake. So weird to be June 4th and walking around on snow when you know back home everyone’s sweating in 90-degree weather. Left that area to go to the main entrance but once I got there decided to try to find a camp for the evening. Took a while but it paid off with a great spot next to Hungry Horse Reservoir. Also, weird seeing a lake this size that’s 100% public access. No million-dollar homes blocking access to the water. I’ll probably come back here tomorrow after spending the day in the park. Been raining off and on afternoon so I crawled into bed at about 8 pm to write this up and now to watch some videos.