June 6 Hanging out with deer and rainbows

Location: N 48.21965, W 113.80528
Lakeview Campground

Rained all night and up until about 3 pm. Just stayed at the campsite and did some projects on the rig between showers. Secured the shelves, added some bungee cord in various other spots to keep things from shifting around, got the lightbar reattached to the bumper and added two more bolts so it shouldn’t go anywhere again, and a few other things to make life a bit easier. I probably should have gone driving around looking for more photo opportunities in the rain and fog but sometimes laziness wins out. After the rain stopped at 3 everything started to dry out then a little before sunset another shower passed over. It at least left a great rainbow afterward. Felt like Mary Poppins earlier. Deer and chipmunks we’re hanging out with me, wandering around the camp. ¬†Thought the chipmunk was going to come up into the truck for a minute had to scare him off. The deer also had no fear of humans. He came within 5 feet of me just munching away on the bushes.

Hanging out with the wildlife