June 7 Laundry day and missed hamburger

Hungry Horse to Soup Creek

Location: morning N 48.21965, W 113.80528 WTW: ///science.undiplomatic.decreasing Lakeview Campground
Evening: 47.810580, -113.771781 WTW: ///boot.attracting.premiums Soup Creek Campground

I’ve started adding What 3 Words map coordinates to the locations. Sometimes the GPS coordinates are off a bit. What 3 Words will get you within 3 meters of a location.

Woke up and broke camp around 9. It was supposed to be dry today but it’s still spitting and drizzling. That’s OK though since it’s laundry day. Headed to the lakefront town of Big Fork for a laundromat and free WIFI to do some planning. At the laundromat I ended up giving some older guy a quick lesson on how to watch YouTube on his Android phone. After laundry was done I tried to go get a decent hamburger at a highly rated local joint. Drove by it and I guess it’s reviews are deserved since it was packed and there was no safe parking around, people were parking on the side of the highway. Decided to skip that and drove through town to see if there was anything else around. Gave up the quest for food. I have plenty to eat in the truck anyway so I probably shouldn’t be wasting money at a restaurant. While online earlier I picked out a national forest campground close by and headed to it. Looks like my improvements to make things more secure have worked so far. It was a pretty rough road to the campground and everything was still where it was supposed to be. Pretty nice but primitive campground.

One other group here. I’m sure the weather has been keeping some folks at home but I’ve been surprised at how few other campers I’ve seen at all the campgrounds I’ve been to so far. There was a fast flowing creek right across from my spot, made me wish I had a fishing license and some tackle. Maybe on a future trip. The non-resident license fees are a bit too steep for me these days. There was a pit toilet latrine that I don’t think I’ll be using.

Swung by a NAPA store for some antifreeze and some weather stripping adhesive. Some of my weather stripping has been loose since I bought the truck and figured now’s as good a time as any to fix that. Going to do that then just chill to the sound of Soup Creek the rest of the evening.