June 8 Another Walmart visit on a rainy day

To Polson and back

Location: Morning: N 47.81050, W 113.77232 Soup Creek Campground ///demonstrate.daily.postponing

Evening: N 47.81711  W 113.83370 Point Pleasant Campground  ///investigate.constructs.suitably

Headed to the town of Polson to get some groceries. In a straight line it would be a 10 minute drive unfortunately you have to go around an entire mountain so it’s actually over an hour’s drive. It’s an easy and scenic drive though so no complaints.

I finished shopping at the local Walmart and made a couple phone calls while I had a signal

and headed back the same way I came to another campground just a few more miles down Route 83 from the turn-off to Soup Creek and I didn’t have to drive 5 miles on a dirt road to get to it. Just a quarter mile or so and you’re at the riverbank. One other camper was there when I pulled in. Looking at the clouds I’m trying to decide if it’s going to rain again or not. Thinking about grilling up some fajitas for dinner but the sky is looking pretty threatening. Just had 2 deer walk through and they were way more skittish than the ones at Lakeview Campground. As soon as they heard me getting the camera they took off back into the woods. The rain held off long enough to get my fajitas cooked, pretty tasty. The sun keeps poking in and out while trying to get a bit of a solar charge going but not getting much, 8 to 15 watts. Barely enough to maintain the current charge level. Was hoping to get enough to top it off without having to turn the car engine on before bedtime tonight. The combination of trees and clouds kept me from getting good sunlight on it. When the clouds part the trees are in the way so it was a struggle.