June 9 Projects and hanging out

Location: Swan River Point Pleasant Campground

N 47.81711, W 113.83370  ///investigate.constructs.suitably

Point Pleasant Campground

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Another project day and one of the few I didn’t take any photos. Slowly getting everything tweaked to make life easier living in an SUV. Added an extension to make it easier to switch between solar and car charging for my Ecoflow (affiliate link, up to 50% off on Black Friday sale starting Nov. 11). I’ve been trying figure out where to move my switch panel to to make access easier. It’s current location also ended up being the perfect place for my large water supply jug. It was a pretty clear day so I got full sunlight today that I used that to charge everything that runs on a battery. Also need to clean and organize my cameras one of these days. Making another window cover is also in the plans. I originally only made some for the back windows and planned on using a curtain to block the passenger compartment from the rear but since I’m not city stealth camping it’s easier to just pop a cover on the window.

Got a few minor projects finished. One was I noticed a wire had worked loose from a crimp and I think that’s what’s been making my Ecoflow act a bit weird lately. Since I reattached that everything is back to normal. Good thing I was starting to worry a bit and I just happened to notice that wire.  Never did attempt to relocate the switch panel. Kept getting distracted. After a while I got lazy and just went back to reading a book. Decent day of doing nothing overall. Started rainy again around midnight.