June 9 Projects and hanging out

Location: Swan River Point Pleasant Campground N 47.81711, W 113.83370  ///investigate.constructs.suitably Another project day and one of the few I didn’t take any photos. Slowly getting everything tweaked to make life easier living in an SUV. Added an extension to make it easier to switch between solar and car charging for my Ecoflow (affiliate link, […]

June 8 Another Walmart visit on a rainy day

Location: Morning: N 47.81050, W 113.77232 Soup Creek Campground ///demonstrate.daily.postponing Evening: N 47.81711  W 113.83370 Point Pleasant Campground  ///investigate.constructs.suitably Headed to the town of Polson to get some groceries. In a straight line it would be a 10 minute drive unfortunately you have to go around an entire mountain so it’s actually over an hour’s […]

June 7 Laundry day and missed hamburger

Location: morning N 48.21965, W 113.80528 WTW: ///science.undiplomatic.decreasing Lakeview CampgroundEvening: 47.810580, -113.771781 WTW: ///boot.attracting.premiums Soup Creek Campground I’ve started adding What 3 Words map coordinates to the locations. Sometimes the GPS coordinates are off a bit. What 3 Words will get you within 3 meters of a location. Woke up and broke camp around 9. […]